Wednesday, November 2, 2016


I debated on blogging on the issue of bullying, but it is unfortunately trending throughout the nation, our schools and local communities. We hear of bullying often, but it hits home when it reaches your home. Kenzie has been dealing with bullying for a few months and we assumed it was "kids being kids," but over time it progressed severely and the aftermath of her mentally trying to filter and process the negativity overwhelmed her. Nobody desires or expects the call of your child being overwhelmed with grief and despair, but it happens. As a mother, I questioned my mothering skills and inability to see the weakness in a daughter who walks in such strength. How do you protect a child from the reality of the reality of not only her generation but the world collectively? How do you instruct a child to not return negativity to the culprit who disarms it without reproach? How can you explain to children that what they see adults play out on a national stage in the daily highlight reels of television, politics, news, in sports, etc... is unacceptable publicly although it is deemed acceptable socially... As I sat there in the residue of her pain, I consulted God for wisdom on how to assist her through this storm.  I share with you what I shared with Kenzie..."As long as you live, people will always seek wrong in you even when what you are doing is right. Always remember that you are fearfully and wonderfully made by God and hold on to the truth of who you are no matter how many lies they tell about you. Never apologize for being great. " Remind your children and all those in your sphere of influence to not internalize the jealousy of others and to always take the high road, no matter how lowdown they get. Remain blessed:))


  1. Ohhhh I can relate! We many stories on this subject. I never knew bullying could overwhelm my daughter because she and I was so close and she was surrounded by love. Satan is busy attacking our children because their minds are weaker. Don't stop talking, praying, and intervening on their behalf. It's what will continue to pull them through. Unfortunately, it's happening way too much. Don't give up! Love conquers all! Blessings!

    1. Thank you big sis!!! I know you can unfortunately relate...

  2. I only can imagine, but I suspected this when my children was in Skool, I pray that all works out and that you all will get thru this.

  3. This saddens me...your family is one of the sweetest families I know. I pray everything works out and you all get through this.❤