Sunday, May 31, 2015

"Pieces to Peace"

May 2015 has forever changed my perspective on life and living. I said farewell to my 20s without knowledge of knowing that I would not experience my 30's without the woman who I have loved with every fiber of my being my entire life-my GRAND-MOTHER Emma. The greatest gift I received on Mother's Day-30th birthday was her singing Happy Birthday to me. 3 days later I was left in pieces seeking peace. As you go through life, if you're not willing to grow through living it can be difficult to understand God's peace that surpasses all of your understanding. I've learned through this season, that nobody is immuned to pain and suffering and weeping may only endure for a night-God has ordained joy for every person who loves Him. No matter what you've experienced in this season of your life know that your best days are your ahead days. Go in peace and grow through the pieces!