Sunday, September 2, 2012

"Fall Into Favor"

As we enter into the Harvest Season, let's take time to reflect on the goodness of our God and
the seasons we have endured patiently while waiting for our blessings. September is the month of transition that leads to our last trimester of the year.  Fall is the season where
we look forward to adjusting the climatic atmosphere in our homes and a time where we enjoy

the beautiful landscapes of nature, walks in the park, and enjoy the sweet smell of cinnamon, apples, and pumpkin. I encourage you to spiritually shift your atmosphere by examining the friendships, relationships, your marriage, career, family life, discern what God would have you to do or not do in each capacity. What I love about Fall is how nature QUIETLY rids itself of things that are not necessary for it to survive, such as leaves and the dying of grass.  Jesus made it very clear to His Disciples that there is plenty of GOODIES for them to receive, but a conscious effort had to be made to receive His GOODNESS. As with anything in life, we receive the fruits of the seeds we have planted whether they be good or bad. Let's walk forth in the Spirit of Excellency as Jesus commands and pray that we are able to partake in the Fullness of God and the overflowing of our cups:) Always remember, God is always near to CATCH you in your FALL seasons:)