Sunday, August 12, 2012

"To Have And to Hold"

August is the month of new beginnings and this month will mark my 7th year wedding anniversary on August 15th and my husband's birthday on August 16th. I treasure each day, moment, and season with the love of my life because I realize in this society, marriages are microwavable and aren't taken as sacred nor serious as former generations considered them. I reflect on the vows I made to my husband at the tender age of 20 daily, however during the month of celebration I carefully examine them and determine where I stand in fulfilling our agreement. This year as I read over the vows, "To Have And To Hold" struck a cord in my heart. Many desire to HAVE a spouse, but to HOLD on to one is work that most are unwilling to fulfill. As I reflect on the times we have endured as best-friends, lovers, and parents, it amazes me how we have grown over the years and the strength we have allowed each other to gather in the times of storms. I treasure my marriage and it has truly sharpened me into the woman I am today. To those who are waiting on God to send your other half, I encourage you to become the better half that you seek.  Always remember, Love is a beautiful feeling when it is first felt towards the person that desires to be the recipient of it.

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