Friday, October 28, 2011

Imitation is a Limitation

Being raised and cultivated in a small town called Loxley, Alabama in Baldwin County, AL was a blessing and the foundation of my "acquired taste" in everything from men to ziplock bags. My grand-mama taught me from an early age that I couldn't go "cheap" on items that I needed long-term. It's always "best to invest" in quality products and men. For example, to cut out on replacing shoes every few weeks, she invested in buying me "keds" remember, the cute little white shoes with the blue label? She shopped at Gayfer's which is what we call "Dillard's" today to purchase me clothes that could "sustain a washing."  We should never allow our circumstances and class level to determine and manipulate us from making "quality" decisions and choices and incorporating "good folks" into our circle. Examine yourself and determine what you are willing to "go cheap on". We all deserve to have "quality" friends, associates, relationships, marriages, jobs, etc... "Compare to" selections have their rightful place and as Children of the King we have an inheritance to the "good life."  Never allow imitations to be a limitation-it's a disservice to you. Always get your money's worth!

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