Friday, October 28, 2011

Proverbs 31

Proverbs 31 is the blue print for womanhood and the epitome of what every woman of God should aspire to be. Proverbs 31 is taken from the perspective that King Lemuel's mother taught him. In today's society, women are often placed in uncomfortable crossroads of doing it the world's way or God's Way. Proverbs 31 gives women the opportunity to examine themselves while simultaneously laying the ground work for what men should seek in their quest for a virtuous woman and wife. The Scripture tells us in verse 8 that her worth is far more than rubies-meaning that a woman's worth and value she brings to herself and a man are immeasurable and uncompromising. A ruby speaks for itself and value doesn't depreciate in a tough market. Verse 9 says that her husband safely trusts her-as women we have to examine our lineage history to define what limitations and shortcomings we have been inherited in order to assure that we don't allow our shortcomings to short-change us in the long run. Having the trust of a man is a trait that men desperately desire and is the foundation of cultivating greatness in your helpmate. A man grows in leaps and bounds spiritually and in their daily walk when they have the assurance that their partner can be trusted. Proverbs 31 discusses how as women, we control the spirit of our household and the level of prosperity it attains. A virtuous woman works in whatever capacity is necessary to ensure that her household is maintained and she understands that this requires "staying out of the streets" and imputing her righteousness into her children. The Bible says she perceives her merchandise to be good-meaning she produces quality work and she is concerned about the input and outputs of the product her hand produces, such as "raising godly children, keeping a clean house, ensuring nourishing food is prepared, etc."  A virtuous woman husband is known in "the gates" not in the "streets" and she doesn't mind the accolades he may receive because she is "sure of herself" and knows that he is a direct reflection of her love, time, and devotion. The Scripture concludes with "a woman who fears the Lord shall be praised." Ultimately, if we as women ensure that God is operating at full capacity in our lives as the pilot and we utilize His Word as our constant compass-we can't help but to be blessed and live a life of abundance.


  1. Awesome analysis of the scripture that is pretty much the blueprint to womanhood!!! Many women read this chapter and don't really see who it is really describing. This chapter speaks of the virtuous woman as an entrepreneur, businesswoman, seamstress, gardner, trade expert, mother, help-meet, and so much more! We were never meant to be simply sexual beings available to men or just portals to life...We are the support system that man needs!!!

    Consider the creation. Of all places to pull a bone to create woman, the Creator chose his rib...Ribs support posture, protect the vital organs, and are the bones nearest to the heart. I didn't really understand this until I came into womanhood and started to learn the importance of my worth and who
    I am to this world, which is something we struggle with as women because we struggle with not knowing if we are who society tells us to be or who the Creator MADE us to be! Great message!

  2. Shana you pulled forth meat out of this mam!! Yes the rib is essential and protects life and men of God are supposed to protect and cover their wives.