Wednesday, November 9, 2011

" After all these Years"

Proverbs 10: 27-28, "The fear of the Lord prolongs days, But the years of the wicked will be shortened."

I am sure everyone is familiar with the term, "she/he sure is looking good after all these years." Living a life of order and decency is an option we all have to make. Fearing the Lord is the first step. Life is easy, living is hard, but that doesn't mean one has to live a "hard life." Living a godly life prolongs suffering, setbacks, and one "looking their age." Living a life of order brings about abundance and allows God to breathe on us daily. God can't operate in trash. Living in the streets takes a toll on one's body and shortens their longevity. I was taught that ain't nothing opened after dark but legs and this has been a driving force in my life. My folks taught me that a woman's role is to maintain order and the spirit of her household, ensure her children are "kept", cleanliness, and most importantly serving God. This generation has gotten away from the "old-school" or as we say in da country, "grandmama nem" ways, folks want easy lives, but make things difficult for themselves. Some stuff we bring upon ourselves by not doing what we know to be right. Living a righteous life "long-term" makes a difference in our appearance, health, and personal relationships.  When we think "short-term", we are "short-changing" ourselves. 

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