Monday, May 14, 2012

"Are You Celebrated Or Tolerated......."

May is my favorite month of the entire year and (yes it's because it's my birthday month) and also we have the opportunity  to celebrate milestones, new blessings, graduations, and Mother's Day. May is month 5 and 5 is the spiritual number that represents grace and mercy. No matter where we are in our current lives, we all need some grace and mercy to carry us through the good and the bad times! As we go and grow forth in May, let us reflect on the dreams we have placed in the very back of our hearts and on the plans that God has for our lives. Always remember, God's plans are planned. We often attend other folks' celebrations in May and honor those who have cultivated us, but I encourage those who encourage others to walk by faith and not by fright! Pray and seek God for understanding on the steps He desires for you to take in this new season of your life. As you lean not on your own understanding, pay attention to the things that God is bringing to your attention to give you an understanding. Are you celebrated or simply tolerated by those in your circle, family, relationships, marriages, etc...If people can't appreciate your worth and the work that God is doing in you and through you, it's time to re-examine. Rejuvenation ain't never hurt anyone nor has growth. It's about time for you to start celebrating yourself and those around you to do the same. We know people by the fruits they bare, check the insides of folks and watch closely as they unravel.  Going forth requires that you peel back levels and devils who don't have your best interests. Don't be afraid to walk forth into your purpose and as people fall back, you continue to go forth. Don't stay anywhere that you are only tolerated and not celebrated. Be blessed and encouraged!

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