Tuesday, May 22, 2012

"How Are You....Really???"

We often go through our seasons and days without analyzing our physical and well-being. When people ask us how we are doing, some say "Blessed and Highly Favored," others say "I'm good and you"-if the truth were told, we often don't feel blessed nor highly favored nor are "we good." Not only are we at fault, those who ask are as well because they naturally assume that we are going to say all is well. What do you say when things aren't good and you don't feel well....meditate on this notion and see what you come up with:) We have to always be prepared to have a word for the words of others. As Sons and Daughters of the King, we have a spiritual obligation to encourage ourselves and others in the Lord. We should always have a word hidden in our hearts for those we may encounter. The reality is, we are all going through one thing or another and stability is a non-renewable resource for most, however we have to stay focused, keep moving, and encouraging ourselves in the Lord. God didn't promise us that things would always come together, but He did assure us that all things will work together (Romans 8:28). Whatever situation or circumstance you may find yourself in or leaving, know that the impossible is possible and God will test you to show you how He uses impossible situations to prove to us that He is a possible God! The next time someone asks you how you are, feel and deal with your emotions and be honest:) You can't go forth until you feel and deal with your inner being:) Be blessed and encouraged!!

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